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WHO paints all these? Hmm? It's ME, Artist Colleen.
Taken in my studio 2014



"Tuscany Road Trip" and "Tuscany Picnic"

"Tuscan Road Trip" and "Tuscan Picnic" 24" x 30"
These paintings feature a unique technique, a texturized border of gel and painted over in oil, then antiqued. It simulates a frame, and since the art is gallery wrapped, it needs no other framing.
$415 each



"Sunrise, Sunset"

 Oil on Canvas Diptych.....48" x 30"
Vivid sunset just as we so often see them here. How fortunate I am to live here and see this beauty on a regular basis!
Available $990


"Caribbean Sea, Beneath the Surface"

 Oil on Canvas triptych, 5' x 16" (Large wall space required)
Beautiful, colorful marine life of the azure Caribbean sea!
Available $1050

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 PRINTS AVAILABLE at redbubble
"Puget Sound, Beneath the Surface"
Oil on canvas Triptych, 60" x 16"
I am always inspired by the beautiful region in which I live; the gorgeous Pacific Northwest. We have a rich variety of marine life here and I wanted to portray the view that many may never have the chance to see.



"Sonoran Desert Kokopelli" 6' x 2' Oil on canvas, custom art

Just completed triptych for a Scottsdale Arizona client. This art is 6 feet wide by 2 feet high. It is to be hung on a harvest gold wall. Please contact the artist at for information on your custom project. Thanks!



"Stargazer" 30" x 30" Oil on Canvas

"Stargazer" in a macro look at one of my favorite flowers. The fragrance is so lovely as is the vivid color.
This painting is available at just $300. It is on gallery wrapped canvas, so no frame needed.
Please inquire here


"Cutthroat Lake" 18" x 24" Oil on canvas

This painting is of Cutthroat Lake in WA state, near the town of Winthrop. It is so named for the many Cutthroat trout that inhabit it. It's 18" x 24" oil on canvas and has gone to its new home in Salt Lake City, UT to some very happy clients. PURCHASE HERE


Another Happy Client!

My happy client, Jayne Lancashire with the Sunflower painting that finally made its way across the pond to England and is now happily adorning the walls of Jayne's home in Sheffield. I love the photo! Thanks, Jayne!


Daniel Smith Gift Certificate WINNER!

I just heard this good news and want to thank all of you who were so dedicated in voting for my art! The jurying by the art professionals and gallery owners has been done and my art was judged one of the top ten pieces in this national contest. I won $250 to spend at Daniel Smith Art Store, the best art store in the universe! Here's the winning art and again, thanks so much! 



"Java Stack" 12x24" Oil on canvas

Seattle, being the home of the 'great cuppa coffee' inspired this painting. I happen to *love* my coffee, as do most of us up here in the soggy Northwest. This is a companion piece to a larger painting (24 x 24") of a single cup with steam rising from it that is currently for sale at Housewares Home Decor in Edmonds. I like the monochrome aspect of this series, as it doesn't detract from the robust flavor of a good cup of coffee.



"Lotus Love" - Oil on canvas, 18" x 18"

The beautiful Lotus blossom is wonderful to paint - the delicately curved petals surrounding a center of golden yellow and sitting on saucer-shaped leaves. Just a lovely sight to behold, and more fun for me to paint! Just $185!



Lizzy's Sunshine, 18" x 18", oil on canvas


I LOVE painting sunflowers - they just plain make me smile! This one is done in 7 layers, classical painting style to give depth and richness.


Washington State Flower, Rhododendron 18" x 18"

Rhododendron is the state flower of the gorgeous state I am lucky enough in which to live; Washington! Beautiful and green and during the Spring months, it becomes a profusion of this stunning bush, heavily laden with beautiful bright pink blooms. I loved painting this, and I always look forward to Spring just for the Rhodies, even if they are short-lived!



"Final Light" 20 x 30 Oil on canvas, SOLD

This scene always reminded me of a "feeling" more than a view. The soft pink clouds drifting towards the horizon and casting reflected light upon the waves caused a beautiful pink shimmery glow. I'll kind of miss this piece of art in my studio because it always made me feel relaxed and comfy. I hope the new collector feels the same way. I'm betting she will.



Lemon Tree 12 x 24 Oil on canvas SOLD

Lemon Tree 12" x 24"
SOLD at Housewares in Edmonds. If you've not been to this awesome home decor store, it is SUCH a treat, particularly with Christmas coming up. Robert and Deb make the place a feast for the peepers! Be sure to stop in. They've usually got cookies or something this time of year. PURCHASE HERE


Cafe Au Lait, 18" x 18", Oil on canvas

"Cafe Au Lait" SOLD



Hydrangea, 18"x18" oil on canvas

Lovely Hydrangeas come in such a variety of colors. These happen to be from my neighbor's garden and are the white, light blue and violet shades. I loved painting them! This is 18" square on a gallery wrapped canvas and needs no framing for a more contemporary look. For purchase, please contact me here.



"Sunshine in a Vase" - Oil on Canvas, 16x20 SOLD

SOLD - Lovely warm tones to brighten any gloomy day! This is on a deep gallery-wrapped canvas and requires no framing. All ready for hanging. You can make this purchase, by just clicking here.

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"Hot Stuff", Oil on canvas, 20"x20" SOLD

I LOVE painting peppers - their fluid shape, and the variety of colors offers so much to be creative with. The warmth of these surrounding colors seems to be just right for "Hot Stuff". This purchase can be made by just clicking the 'purchase' button. .

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"Queen" Iris - Oil on canvas - 24" x 24"

Beautiful Purple Iris that pairs wonderfully with the white one on down the page. This is oil on canvas, 24" x 24". Contact me here for further info or purchase. 

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"Summer's Bounty" 6" x 6" each Oil on canvas

Ohhhhh, lovely tomatoes! I think of all the vegetables that I most enjoy painting, these top the list - but all sorts of peppers run a very close second. I like their form, their color, the satiny sheen of their skin. And as for peppers, well just the shape along is enough to intrigue any artist.
These little miniatures are perfect for that small area in the kitchen or dining room or small wall space. They also look wonderful on miniature easels that I will gladly offer complementary with purchase. Just $125 each painting. Please contact me for purchase or further information.
email Colleen here

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"Sicilian Glass" 16 x 20" Oil on canvas

This was a challenge to get right - but I persisted until I did. I actually love painting reflections and metal and shiny stuff - but it's not easy. I'm pleased with this one though. It will be shown in the show at Oasis Gallery in November.
For purchase info email me here.

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Spring Tulip & Spring Iris - 24" x 24" Oil on canvas

A stately white Iris and a beautiful red tulip herald the first signs of Spring. 

I could barely wait til' it felt 'Spring-like' enough to get these two paintings started. 

Inquiries can come to me here:

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Peppers, Peppers, Peppers 24"x24" SOLD

I loved painting these peppers. First of all, I love their shapes and brilliant colors - and I like the depth that can be achieved by using glazes - of which there were *many* on these particular works. These are a beautiful pair and would do a lot to enhance a kitchen or dining area - a great 'color shot'. Contact me here.



Anatomy of a painting - White Iris - 30" x 30" Oil on canvas

I've been asked from time to time to post some of the steps I go through as I work on a painting. So, since I remembered to take photos today as I worked on this beautiful white Iris, I decided to go ahead and post the first six steps. Should I remember to take more photos as the details come to fruition, I will post them as well.



Con La Luce del sole 5" x 5" Oil on canvas

"Villa Lamberti" is the title of this view of gentle, rolling hills of Italy. 5" x 5" oil on gallery-wrapped canvas. $110, please contact me here or click on 'purchase now' button to buy through paypal.

"By the Light of the Sun" is the literal translation of this beautiful sun-filled landscape of Italy. It's 5" x 5" on gallery-wrapped canvas, no need for framing. $110. Please contact me here or click on the 'purchase now' button to buy through paypal.

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I'll be featured at the Edmonds Art Walk on Thursday, June 18th at the "Resident Cheesemonger" store and again at the Everett Art Walk on Saturday, June 20th at the office of Mortgage Advisers on Colby Street. Both of these art walks feature high-quality work at affordable prices. I look forward to seeing you! Please do stop in.

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"Retirement" Oil on canvas 10" x 10"

This is where *I* will be one of these fine days . . on a warm beach with the summer breezes circling around me as I ponder the 'meaning of life'. Can't think of anyplace I'd rather be when (and if) I ever put down my brushes. I call this one "Retirement" and it's on gallery wrapped canvas so no framing is needed, but can be framed if desired. $225. Click on the Paypal button to purchase now. PURCHASE HERE


Upcoming Juried Shows for Summer

I've just received notice that four (4) of my miniature paintings have been juried into the "Edmonds Fine Art Festival" for June 19- 21 in Edmonds, Wa. This is a very prestigioius art festival and Ia m honored to again have my work shown here. In addition, another painting of mine, although not a miniature has also been accepted in to the "Bothell LiveArts Festival", one of the oldest art festivals in the area. This is my second year having my work shown with this fine show. The dates are June 27-28th.

If you get a chance, please try to stop by and see all of the wonderful original pieces at these two excellent shows.

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Canon Beach, Needles - Oil on canvas

This is a gorgeous photo that I just had to paint. I contacted the photographer, a woman from OR or her permission. Her reply was most positive, so I was excited to get started. That Oregon coast is something to behold if you've never seen it, I suggest a trip! Here's the photo reference (bottom) and my painting (top).

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"Mt. Rainier Spring Runoff" 24" x 36" Oil on canvas

It's completed now and has had a change of name - I always had in mind that this would be a 'Spring' painting of our incredible mountain, because it is so fabulous in the early Spring when the skies are clear blue, nary a cloud to be found - so I decided to just go ahead and name it that. For a larger view, click on the image.

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"Mountain's Out Today" 2' 3' Oil on canvas

Phase #1 - this has a ways to go, as you can see. Check back for updates and to coordinate text to images, read from bottom UP.

Phase #2
Trees, trees - everywhere! So MANY more trees to paint.

Phase#3 - Finally - one can see all the ridges in the mountain. Now, to work on the places where the tree shadows fall, and as soon as the slow-drying white is dry, I'll be adding shadows to Rainier also. And since the title "Spring Runoff" came to me last night, I thought I'd best add a stream - so there you have it, meandering through the trees. I might not work on this for a day or so, as I have two entries to get ready for the Magnolia Art Festival coming up soon. So much to paint, so little time. DOUBLE CLICK IMAGE FOR LARGER VIEW

Phase#4 - I quit for the day. Maybe more tomorrow. So, now on to a couple of paintings for the festival because for THIS day, I am alllllllll 'Rainiered' out! :) I am pleased with the way this is coming along and it does indeed seem to herald the coming of Spring.

Phase#5 - Almost done now. I've made some small alterations and am now down to the nitty-gritty detail work, the part that adds the 'sizzle' to a work of art. I do plan to finish that part this afternoon. Have to - the painting is being submitted to a healthcare facility for consideration. Anyhow, it will be posted as a completed work tomorrow, Monday the 6th. Phew. :)

A common phrase heard 'round these parts when the sun is shining, is the title of this painting. Those of us who live here and adore Mt. Rainier in all her glory are delighted to see her shimmering profile from anywhere in the area. Here's some local information from the National Park Service in case you're interested in learning a little more about this volcanic mountain.
Mount Rainier National Park encompasses 235,625 acres on the west-side of the Cascade Range, and is located about 100 kilometers (50 miles) southeast of the Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan area. Mount Rainier National Park is approximately 97 percent wilderness and 3 percent National Historic Landmark District and receives approximately 2 million visitors per year.

At 14,410 feet, Mount Rainier is the most prominent peak in the Cascade Range. It dominates the landscape of a large part of western Washington State. The mountain stands nearly three miles higher than the lowlands to the west and one and one-half miles higher than the adjacent mountains. It is an active volcano that last erupted approximately 150 years ago.

The park is part of a complex ecosystem. Vegetation is diverse, reflecting the varied climatic and environmental conditions encountered across the park’s 12,800-feet elevation gradient. Approximately 58 percent of the park is forested, 23 percent is subalpine parkland, and the remainder is alpine, half of which is vegetated and the other half consists of permanent snow and ice. Forest ages range from less than 100 years old on burned areas and moraines left by receding glaciers to old-growth stands 1,000 or more years. Some alpine heather communities have persisted in the park for up to 10,000 years.

Species known or thought to occur in the park include more than 800 vascular plants, 159 birds, 63 mammals, 16 amphibians, 5 reptiles, and 18 native fishes. The park contains 26 named glaciers across 9 major watersheds, with 382 lakes and 470 rivers and streams and over 3,000 acres of other wetland types. Of these vertebrates, there are 4 federally listed threatened or endangered species known to occur in the park, including 3 birds and 1 fish. Four other species historically occurred in the park, but their present status is unknown including: gray wolf, grizzly bear, Canada lynx, and Chinook salmon.

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"Artist Dinner, Tuesday - Before & After" 4"x4" Oil on Canvas

Accepted into Edmonds Fine Arts Festival, June 19 - 21, 2009

This is, just as it says - the artist's dinner from last Tuesday. I *adore* artichokes to eat, in addition to them being a particularly fascinating subject to paint. So, there you have it - a double duty vegetable!

These little gems are 4"x4" . They look so good together, don't they? Perfect for that little narrow wall or just perched on an miniature easel.

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"Pear Parade I" 6" x 6" oil on canvas

This charming little painting of pears is perfect for that little spot in the dining room or set on an easel in the bookcase - just the right size, and with earth tones that fit almost anywhere. This painting will be on display at the Edmonds art Walk, February 19th from 5-9 PM at HouseWares in the downtown area. I'll be there myself and would love to meet you if you are in the area and stop by to say hello.

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New Studio Dawg!

Here's the newest addition to my studio, and so far - he hasn't discovered the paint tubes! His name is Izzy, and he is an adorable Chihuhua & Miniature Dachshund mix. He was a most welcome Christmas gift from my young art students and I am so happy to have him keep me company while I paint. He's just barely 2 months old and weighs in at a whopping 1#. He is expected to be no larger than 7# at adulthood. BIG guy, huh? Is that not a *cute* little face?


Vigne au Soleil Oil on canvas - 4" x 6"

Vigne au Soleil means "Vineyard in the Sun" - the sun streaking low across the vineyard in late afternoon was irresistible to paint. So, I did. This painting, among several others witll be featured at HouseWares in Edmonds for the February Art Walk on the 19th, from 5-8 PM. If you're in the area, please do stop by, won't you?

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Vosne Romanee - Oil on canvas 4" x 6"

A lovely little city in the Burgundy region of France makes for a beautiful miniature vineyard seascape. This painting will be one of several featured at HouseWares in Edmonds, WA for the February Art Walk, Thursday the 19th from 5-8PM. Please do drop by and say hello if you are in the area.

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Apples in Brass, 12" x 12" Oil on canvas

Accepted into Bothell Live Arts Show, June 27-28, 2009

Deep red, beautiful Delicious apples set in a brass tub - just right to start the New Year! It's time to get out of the snow and begin thinking about Spring. Perhaps that's why we here in the Northwest think our winters are so short. We're still lamenting the passing of Fall in December and by January we're hailing the soon return of Spring. Now, how's that for an optimistic attitude?

This painting is for purchase by clicking on the 'purchase now' button through PayPal, or you can email me here for further details or with questions.

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Wishing all my visitors a VERY Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday to all!

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Today I juried the art show for one of my community's schools, Seaview Elementary. It was really so much fun, and I adored seeing all the imaginative art! The have a yearly arts program called "Reflections" and the kids do some really neat stuff! I was given the task of judging the 3rd through 6th grade work. There were about 40-50 entries, I think. The other judge rated the younger kids entries, although we conferred about each other's choices. I must say, I was pretty darned impressed with ALL of them. One little young man in the third grade, stopped by and asked me if I was a judge. Then he proceeded to tell me just *exactly* how long it took him to do the inked in scales on his dragon's tummy. I had to give him a good score, if only for sheer tenacity!
Turns out (which I did not find out until after the judging was completed) is that the piece I selected for first place, also won first place last year as well. A young man of 8 - he has outstanding skill at watercolor as well as pen/ink. His entry was of the Titanic - and he had all the details done SO well.

Anyhow, it was a real fun challenge from my daily grind - and certainly as a great thing to ease myself out of the 'exciting election withdrawl' that I've been experiencing lately.

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Behind Louella Cabin- Oil on canvas-11x14

Just last month, I had the great pleasure to stay in a wonderful little cabin outside of Sequim, on the Olympic Peninsula in the very northern part of my beautiful state. The weather couldn't have been lovelier, and the cabin as charming as one could imagine. This painting is from directly behind the cabin, where there are hiking trails up the mountainside. Here's a link to the cabin, third one down the page on the right :
I think my next painting has to be of the Louella cabin itself and some of the other surrounding area. It was truly lovely and serene! If you're in the area, I highly recommend this historical old cabin for a short stay! You won't regret it. Email me here for further info or a custom painting of your favrite vacation spot.

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Just call him Mr. President !!!

THIS one voted for THAT one!
The USA is in very good hands, now.
I'm so proud!

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3 miniatures accepted in local juried show

Three miniatures have been accepted in to the Mountlake Terrace Annual Art Exhibit. I can't seem to find photos of them to post here, but they were all of food! Will let you know how sales go later. I might drop in there tomorrow because it's always a very good show with lots of high-quality art offered and I am pleased to ahve my work accepted there.




3 accepted works!

These three miniature paintings have been accepted into a gallery show in Vancouver, Washington. They are "Lemons in Copper" 5" x 5" oil on gallery-wrapped canvas, "Pair of Pears + Bosc" 5" x 5" also oil on gallery-wrapped canvas, and "Road Trip" 4" x 6" oil on board and framed.
Since they are for sale at the show, I'll let you know what the outcome is in a few weeks. PURCHASE HERE