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"Seattle Skyline"

This is my version of a view of which I am terribly fond, the beautiful Seattle Skyline. My, it has changed so much since I first moved here 35 years ago! The tiny white building just off to the left of lower center with the spire on top is the "Smith Tower" and was at that time, the tallest building in Seattle. Makes me laugh now to think about how strange that seems these days. It's totally dwarfed by sophisticated glass and marble buildings that reach far into the beautiful gray skies of Seattle. . .Space Needle on the far left, Seattle Center is the arches on lower right. And of course, that's Mt. Rainier in all her beautiful glory in the background, far right.

This painting is 10" x 20" but NFS at this time as I am doing a solo show in June, and also 2 other art walks in May and June. So, must hold back some local favorites for them.

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Anonymous Patty said...

I like this. Makes me want to see Seattle in person! Is that your view? How cool!

12:20 PM  

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