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Today I juried the art show for one of my community's schools, Seaview Elementary. It was really so much fun, and I adored seeing all the imaginative art! The have a yearly arts program called "Reflections" and the kids do some really neat stuff! I was given the task of judging the 3rd through 6th grade work. There were about 40-50 entries, I think. The other judge rated the younger kids entries, although we conferred about each other's choices. I must say, I was pretty darned impressed with ALL of them. One little young man in the third grade, stopped by and asked me if I was a judge. Then he proceeded to tell me just *exactly* how long it took him to do the inked in scales on his dragon's tummy. I had to give him a good score, if only for sheer tenacity!
Turns out (which I did not find out until after the judging was completed) is that the piece I selected for first place, also won first place last year as well. A young man of 8 - he has outstanding skill at watercolor as well as pen/ink. His entry was of the Titanic - and he had all the details done SO well.

Anyhow, it was a real fun challenge from my daily grind - and certainly as a great thing to ease myself out of the 'exciting election withdrawl' that I've been experiencing lately.

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