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"Oregon Coast, Cannon Beach Beauty"

This painting is of a lovely little seaside community on the Oregon Coast, Cannon Beach. It's a bit busier than some of the other seaside villages a little further south, but lovely nonetheless. There is a myriad of shops and fascinating art galleries to see. Well worth the time to visit if you're ever in Oregon. The large stack in the distance is called "Haystack Rock" because of its obvious shape. There are seven of the stacks further on down the coast. Of course they don't have this distinctive shape, which of course how it got its name.
This painting is 12 x 24" on gallery-wrapped canvas and is for sale for $390. Click on the buy now button to purhase through Paypal or email me for other arrangements.

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Blogger Shant said...

Wonderful painting. You seem to have a real feel for the ocean.
I am an artist an was looking thru the painting a day blogs and found you.
I come back to see whats new.
Shanti Marie

2:53 PM  
Blogger damask22 said...

The other day I was discussing painting with my brother and asked him what sort of art he would buy. He said nothing as he doesn't buy art, his wife is in charge of that sort of thing. However after a wee pause he admitted that if he did buy a painting it would be a seascape. He would certainly love your work Colleen as I do.

11:07 AM  

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