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"Ruby Beach, Above the Fog" 5" x 5" oil on canvas

Another miniature - "Ruby Beach, Above the Fog"
is a 5" x 5" oil on gallery wrapped canvas. I love this place so much, and have painted it more than once in more than one of its many moods. Usually the fog lingers here a bit - until afternoon. Oftimes though, it stays all day casting a soft, beautiful glow over the whole area. This is very near Forks Washington

Click the above link if you've taken a notion to visit because this is one of the most beautiful places in our entire state.

This lovely work isn't for sale at this time as it is reserved for a show in June. Questions about the piece? Email me here and I will get back to you right away.

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Anonymous Patty said...

What a view! Stunning!

9:35 PM  

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