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Sunsational - San Juan Islands

Here are two just recently completed and are at the Oasis Gallery in Seattle.
Which reminds me, they not only have a great gallery, but a great monthly newsletter as well. Why not use this link and sign up for it?

The San Juans (as they are known here in the Northwest) comprise a small group of beautiful islands north of here and reachable by ferry service. Some of the prettiest sunsets in the entire Pacific Northwest can be found from the beaches of any number of these small islands. It's a wonderful area to be - the pace just seems slower. I'd love to live on a small island like one of these, but I'd have to win the lottery to do so. It's a bit pricey!

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Blogger Shanti Marie said...

How about, "another day in paradise
", Pacific northwest sunset, "setting sun"
"evening ritual" "sunset sentianal"

if you'd like to exchange links heres mine... Shanti Marie

5:49 PM  
Anonymous Patty said...

Very nice Colleen! I like the one with the clouds of fire best. :~)

6:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

is this price for one or both??i like the top one best..seems u caught the colors just right, i would like to see the real thing first tho.i like textures in oils..the photo is maybe not a true look see..there's another i am interested in..5:35pm..Gary

5:36 PM  

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