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"Coquille River Lighthouse" 8" x 16" oil on canvas

The word Coquille comes from the Native American word for the site - Koh-kel. The French explorer LaPerouse sailed past the area in 1796, and the first settlers arrived in 1853. The river seemed a natural location as a port for exporting lumber and other goods from the Coquille River Valley in Bandon, Oregon. The Coquille River empties into the Pacific Ocean. The river extends inland a great distance, and was a natural link to the virgin stands of timber in the area. The bar at the mouth of the river, formed by the interaction of the river and ocean, was a major obstacle for the ships entering the river. At times, only a few feet of water would cover the bar, but still vessels attempted to navigate the river in hopes of reaping the rewards that lay upstream. In 1880, Congress passed a bill providing for the construction of a jetty on the south side of the river’s entrance. The jetty created a clear channel in the river, prompting a rapid rise in the number of ships entering the river.

This is one of a current series of the Northwest's lighthouses - some in Oregon, some in Washington - all beautiful. This is 8" x 16" and not presently available for sale as it is reserved for an upcoming show. Questions on one similar to it? Happy to accept commissions. Email me here and I will get back to you right away.

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