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Artist of the Month, City of Woodinville - Exhibit photos

After being named "Artist of the Month" for the city of Woodinville I was invited to display my work there. This building is one of the most dynamic pieces of architecture I've see in a long time. The angles of the building itself are quite unique, but the natural lighting is incredible, and for our area, that's saying a lot. These are the photos taken at the City Hall of Woodinville just after I hung the paintings for the exhibit. The larger ones are displayed in the lobby, and the miniatures are in the display case. Here's a link about Woodinville.,_Washington

Woodinville has become quite famous for its wineries over the years and it a 'must see' stop for many folks traveling through the area. It's one of the premier upscale communities of the Northwest. Unfortunately, I had to hold some of my work back for an art walk on June 21 in Edmonds (my second this year) so it was difficult to decide which to display where - but I came to a fair compromise, I think. Anyhow, these are the display photos with me standing in front of my work!

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Anonymous Joyce said...

Colleen, I've been away from my computer for some time and am just now catching up with your work. Congratulations on being named artist of the month! Good show.

It looks as though your art has taken off in a big way. I'm glad you are selling so well.

Joyce Ripley

3:41 AM  
Anonymous Jen said...

Colleen your work looks wonderful and I hope that a great many more opportunities come your way through this.


11:14 AM  

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